The 10 Commandments Of 21st Century Franchise Production

Starlight Runner’s “10 Commandments of
21st Century Franchise Production” from
the StoryWorld Conference 2012, as given
by CEO Jeff Gomez:

1. Know the Essence of Your Brand and Never Stray From It

Before embarking on a multi-year journey generating a rich product line or multiple feature
films, with messaging and extensions across multiple media platforms, you must take ownership of the creative asset that is your franchise story world. You must gain an intimate understanding of why it is successful and how it resonates with a mass audience. Knowing this will allow you to properly plan for the building of its characters, narratives, iconography, and themes. What is your brand or story world giving to your audience? What questions does it answer? What gifts does it give? If all your communication is flesh, brand essence is bone.

2. The Story World is Unstoppable and Rules Over All

Once you have a fundamental understanding of your franchise universe, you must commit to its health, integrity and proliferation above everything and everyone else. Creative visionaries, agencies, actors, directors, marketing, licensing, must all be committed to serving the needs of the story world.

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