Jeff Gomez in Subvertising

In this interview with Redazione Subvertising, Jeff Gomez talks about the Arab Spring, sits on the Game of Thrones, and parses out Alternate Reality Games.

We have seen an increase of storytelling platforms for emerging countries or countries where censorship is strong and do not allow people express them. Although this is not really transmedia, it is storytelling. Why should any producer or advertiser be interested in those events?

All of us must be interested in such events for two vital reasons:
1) when the walls of censorship crumble and fall, then the audiences for our stories increase vastly. There are new markets, new participants, and new possibilities, and
2) even more importantly, we will get access to new perspectives, new sensibilities, new influences and new stories. So we will become a richer and even more connected people. It’s win-win!

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